TAAG is strongly against declawing.


Although TAAG will not refuse a cat who has been declawed, the shelter requires everyone who adopts a cat or kitten to agree not to have the animal declawed.

To learn more about declawing and why TAAG does not support it, visit:


Adopting Your New Pet

Our mission is to decrease overpopulation of cats. We focus on spaying and neutering all pets that come into our care.

Adoption Partners


Paw n' Pets Food

Pet Food Warehouse

Great Lakes Animal Hospital  

Sault Animal Hospital (Sault MI)​​

Please complete our Pre-Adoption Form or visit one of our Adoption Partners if you are interested in adopting a pet. 

Submit your form by email or mail to:

Attention: Cheryl Alberta

254 Letcher Street

Sault Ste Marie, ON

P6C 4Y7  

Because we do not always know the health history of the animals that come into our care, we send all animals to a veterinarian for a thorough wellness exam. We are unable to guarantee the health of the animals in our care beyond the information available to us.


The $125 adoption fee covers the animal's pre-op exam, spay or neuter, Felv testing, Felocell quad vaccine, Rabies vaccine, deworming and defleaing treatment. Kittens who are too young to be spayed or neutered but have had vet checks and shots will also have an adoption fee of $125.00 but you will have a $25.00 refund once you submit proof of spay or neuter.  Medical attention after adoption is the responsibility of the adopter. 

If necessary, we will bring your cat for spay or neuter. Please contact us to set up an appointment.


Neuter (male), Pre-Op Exam, Booster Shots, Rabies, Travel Cost - $100.00 USD

Spay (female), Pre-Op Exam, Booster Shots, Rabies, Travel Cost - $145.00 USD

Spay and Neuter Fees

If you require assistance through our Low Income Spay/Neuter Program, the funds will go towards your spay/neuter. This does not cover the total cost of the appointment. The balance remaining will be due on the date of your appointment.

Submit your Low Income Spay/Neuter application by email or mail to:

Attention: Cheryl Alberta

254 Letcher Street

Sault Ste Marie, ON

P6C 4Y7