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Cats & Kittens Available

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Just a reminder when you're considering adopting a fur baby

Take the time to meet the scared ones, the shy ones, the ones that don't stick out to you, the ones with the boring colours or missing limbs, the older ones, the frail ones. They have not given up, they just need someone to love them. They need you. And maybe, just maybe, you just need them too. 


Checkers came to TAAG from a hoarding situation, and was pregnant with a litter of kittens at the time (all of whom were adopted) – she has since been spayed. Her foster family says: She was shy at first but after a few days warmed up to our family. She is a very curious cat and will seek out windowsills to perch, chairs to sit, and toys to bat around, while sprinting from one end of the house to the other in her explorations. She loves to be pet (mostly on her terms), so much that a good head or back scratching will make her do a somersault into your lap to continue.

Checkers is a little nervous around loud or highly active children like our boys, and would probably do better in a house with older or quieter children. Once the house has settled down for the night, she will come up for lots of petting, purring, and tumbling into your lap while you work at the computer or watch Netflix. She has often been found circling my husband’s office chair before hopping into his lap for a mid-meeting distraction. Let's find this sweet girl her forever home.

Avery and Cammi

These two sweet girls are Avery(white) and Cammi(tabbi), sisters came to TAAG from a hoarding situation when they were 7 weeks old. Unfortunately they had a very rough start to their precious little lives & were traumatized by dogs & cats that were in the home so they were very frightened of everything. Since being in foster care for approx 2 yrs they are both doing really well and now get along very well with the other cats in the home. They are both still a bit skittish until they get to know you, but love affection . They both love to be brushed, love their treats & love to play with the wand. Neck scratches are their absolute favorite, and they love wet food time! They are bonded to each other so cannot be separated, so they have a special adoption fee of only 50 dollars! They would do better in a quieter home with no dogs or young children. Avery and Cammi need a special human who has lots of love to give and will be patient when they are nervous. Lets find these two sweet girls their forever home!


Say hello to Esme. Esme came to TAAG from a hoarding situation. This sweet girl is approximately 2-3 years old, fixed and up to date on her shots. Esme is a small, dainty girl who really, really loves attention. Pets, and more pets from her foster humans are her favorite and she loves other kitties as well. Let's find this tiny treasure her forever home home! You can fill out a preadoption form online at


This handsome boy is Cheetah.  Cheetah is a brown tabby with gorgeous eyes.  He is full  love and affection for people and gets along well with other cats and kittens. He is approx 7 months old, fixed and had his frcvp shots and rabies vaccinations. Cheetah has tested positive for FELV and so has a special adoption fee of only 50 DOLLARS!   This special boy is waiting for his very own forever home.

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Say hello to Ava. Ava is a gorgeous tortie who is seven years old and fixed. Ava came to us because she was being picked on by the other cats in the home. Poor Ava was very stressed and frightened and because of this must be the only cat in the home. Ava is terrific kitty but is a bit skittish from her past and being moved around so much. Ava has a terrific meow and a wonderful character. She loves, loves, loves to be petted, especially to have her head, ears & neck scratched. She also loves to be brushed and to give you head butts of love. Ava can be a bit nervous and tends to like spending the day hiding under the bed or burrowed under blankets but she is quite content burrowing and come night fall she'll join you for Netflixing. Once you climb into bed she'll be right there, looking for petting before heading out for a nighttime tour of the house. As she comes to trust and feel more comfortable in a new space she'll blossom. Despite her nervousness she absolutely loves attention. Let's find this gorgeous, sweet girl who so deserves a wonderful forever home.


his sweet boy is Knickers who was rescued from a hoarding situation siffering from upper respiratory infection & also attack wounds from the dogs in the house. He has definitely overcome alot in his short life of seven weeks but he was one of the lucky ones as he ended up getting a foster family than has shown him nothing but love in the next six months of his life. Knickers has grown into a sweet, gentle, loveable boy that will sleep with you at night & loves to snuggle up with you. Loves to be brushed & when it comes to food he is not fussy......he will eat wet or dry & anything in between if he gets a chance. He loves his humans & gets along well with other cats. Knickers is now seven months old & is still with his foster family but he has already been neutered & has all his main shots & now is hoping for someone to adopt him & give him love forever.
Please call Darlene at 705-759-4300 if you would love to give this boy his forever home.


This handsome young man is Emmett. Emmett had a rough start to his life and brought to TAAG with five other cats from a hoarding situation. At first, being in a cage made Emmett super stressed and he wanted nothing to do with people. However, Emmett, now living in a foster home and outside of a cage is a love bug. He loves all the pets he can get and wants all the attention on himself-he's a total ham! Emmett is approximately two years old, neutered and up to date on his shots. Emmett also gets along great with other cats. Contact TAAG if you are interested in meeting this boy.

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