Become a Foster Home

We are always in need of foster homes for senior cats who have difficulty  adjusting to a shelter environment, mother cats with kittens, feral kittens who need socializing, or cats who are recuperating from illness. Please call us if you are interested in becoming a foster home. 

"This week my world was turned upside down by a pound and a half of fur and purr. I signed up to be a foster parent for kittens and cats for The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG). Less than a week after I applied, the telephone rang. Like being called up to the major leagues, I was instantly giddy.


Then I worried about a few possible realities. How much would all of the supplies cost? Would anyone in my family or I be allergic? Would there be too many tears shed at the end of fostering?

Luckily, before my worries could be translated into a 'no', arrangements were made, and within hours, I had a ball of vibrating love in my lap, not to mention all of the supplies required to care for her."


- Nadine Robinson