Your story has the potential to inspire countless others to make a difference in the life of a shelter animal. 

We want to hear your adoption story, why you chose to become a foster home, or what made you decide to volunteer your time.

Our Stories

"Joe, formerly known as Mookie (we named him after the island), was a perfect fit from the moment we brought him home. His older dog siblings adored him and from day one and so did we. He is a character for sure and such a snugly little guy. His big brother Ruger is so patient with him and a little curious.  His sister Molly is a baby herself at only just over a year so they play and play! Joe was not nervous of the dogs at all, he is a brave fella. When I picked Joe up from you he was all grey but about 3 weeks ago these two stripes came out on him but only half way down his back, I’ve never seen anything like it on a cat and the vet thought it was pretty unique too. He did go today to get “the surgery” and came through just fine. He is doing well and in a very warm and loving home. He rules the roost already!"   

- Submitted by Marny Westlake (October 2016)

"We adopted four wonderful cats a few months ago, three older kitten siblings who were very feral and a medium haired lady that we took into our home. Her shelter name was Lovely, but her new name is Camille. She has been a great cat to have; she made herself quite at home. Lovely aka Camille was adopted and returned a few times, so it has been a journey gaining her trust. As for the three little wild kittens, they have made our barn their home and have adopted chickens and turkeys as their new companions. They seem to be very happy and play all day. We are making headway as we can almost pet them. Their antics make us smile. One kitten has fallen in love with our huge rooster, she rubs and purrs against him. It's hysterical. Thank you for bringing these kitties into our home.


I could go on for an hour how much fun it is having these cats, they are the best. We identified Lovely's little 'glitch'...sometimes she won't let the kids upstairs. I figured out she just wants to be picked up and snuggled.....who would have thought? Thank you all soooo much!"

- Submitted by the Winter Family (April 2016)