Our Sponsored Cats & Kittens

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a cat or a kitten in our care. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us for more information.


Casper was generously

sponsored by Carol Smilanetz & Shauna Berg

Little Booper

Little Bopper was generously sponsored by Hailee Buckley


Zazu was generously

sponsored by Joy Trainer-Syrette


Baloo was generously

sponsored by Joy Trainer-Syrette

Cats & Kittens In Need of Sponsorship


This adorable face belongs to Lillie. Lillie came to TAAG pregnant after her owner passed away and is in foster care with her five kittens. She has taken wonderful care of her babies who are now old enough to be adopted and is in need of a SPONSOR to get spayed. Can you help this girl get fixed so she can be ready to go to her own forever home?