Do you have another way to help TAAG?
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Ways to Help

The Animal Assistance Group relies solely on the support of dedicated volunteers, community partnerships, fundraising, and donations from people just like you. 

You can help TAAG by volunteering your time, making a donation, supporting one of our fundraisers, or organizing a fundraiser of your very own for the shelter. If you are interested in organizing your own TAAG fundraiser, please contact us

Found a Small Critter?

If you have found a small critter, you can contact Karen Johns at

705-942-0985 during the spring, fall and winter months.  During the summer months, please contact her at 705-882-1148.  She is currently set up to handle squirrels, chipmunks, and some birds.

If you have found injured wildlife, birds, larger animals, please contact someone on the List of Wildlife Rehabilitators